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UFIDA Thailand enterprise solutions that cover consultation and
implementation services of business process improvement to companies with our
CMM 5 accredited ERP solutions that best fit most business needs to maximize
operational efficiency and effectiveness in order to increase competitiveness.

Our UFIDA ERP solutions have redifined the enterprise solutions by offering complete
features of various solutions wheareas keeping the investment cost at reasonable level.
Our solutions and services cover the areas of supply chain management, manufacturing ,
customer relationship system!

Solutions to optimizing your business operations:
Wholesales and Retail business
Manufacturing plant
Financial and Accounting
Inventory and Warehouse
Business Intelligence

E-Commerce and Social Network solutions
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UFIDA Software Co. Ltd. is one of the leading providers of management software
solutionsand services in Asia. Established in 1988, UFIDA is recognized as an outstanding software company for its quality products and professional services used by a vast enterprise customerbase of over 500,000 across the region. UFIDA (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of UFIDA Software Co. Ltd in Hong Kong SAR since 2003.

Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 600588), with its 41 branches in mainland China, oversea branches or presences in Japan Hong Kong and Thailand now, and Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia soon later, together with more partners in Asia regions, UFIDA has a wide range service channel to multi-national companies who has business in Asia..

It offers a wide range of management software products for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources (HR), Business Intelligence (BI) and Office Automation (OA). It also develops vertical industry solutions for e-Government, finance and asset management. Holder of CMM Level 5 and ISO9002 certifications, UFIDA also provides software-related services such as software outsourcing for customers worldwide.

Annual market reports from independent research firms, IDC and CCID Consulting, rankedUFIDA as China’s No.1 management solution provider over the past five years consecutively.Its revenue in 2004 is equal to that of a Top 200 global software vendor, according to SoftwareMag.com. According to IDC, UFIDA is the largest Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution provider in China and has captured 15.5% of the US$239M mainland market in 2H 2004.

With eyes focused on the global market, UFIDA has re-engineered its management philosophy, business strategy to product portfolio and talent recruitment. Already, it has delivered to the global market a series of product in international versions. These products are constantly upgraded with enhanced functionality; some of which are tailor-made for foreign enterprises entering the China market or with Greater China operation. UFIDA’s market now covers Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Thailand and other Asian countries. The company is manned by a dynamic team, comprising both local and overseas talents with international exposure and management experience.

UFIDA’s purpose is clear: to meet the requirements of its rapidly expanding global customer base and maintain competitiveness by adhering and exceeding international business standards. 
UFIDA8 Thailand Products
Product Overview Introduction Modules
Ufida 8
Ufida 9
Ufida NC

Products Overview

UFIDA's core product lines include U8 Management Solution and NCCollaboration
Suite. U8 Management Solution consists of ERP, CRM, HR, OA and BI solutions,
and is mainly focused on the SME market. N CCollaboration Suite covers multi-entity
organization financial management, HR, and procurement as well as group
collaboration fake rolex manufacturing, and is mainly focused on the multi-entity and/or group
enterprise market.

The chart below shows the market focus of U8 and NC. Know more about U8 or NC,
just click and view.

UFIDA Software Thailand Co., Ltd.
UFIDA8 Reference Customers
Untitled Document UFIDA Software (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

151/489 Soi Pattanakarn 65, Pattanakarn Road, Pravej, Pravej,
Bangkok 102500 Thailand

Tel : 083-7887097, 081-6555376

Email: sales@ufida.co.th

Headquarters (60 branches in mainland China)
UFIDA Software Park,
No.68 Beiqing Road, Haidian District,
Beijing, China 100085
Tel: (86)10 6243 6688
Fax: (86)10 6298 6710
E-mail: global@ufida.com

Hong Kong
UFIDA (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Add.: 19/F, Hip Shing Hong Centre, 55 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel: (852)2122 9886
Fax: (852)3105 9958
Hong Kong Service Hotline: (852)3104 6768
Toll Free Service Hotline: (86)4006 600588
Sales Enquiry eMail: enquiry@ufida.com.hk
Partner Enquiry eMail: partner@ufida.com.hk
Website: www.ufida.com.hk

UFIDA (Japan) Co., Ltd. (用友ソフトジャパン株式会社)
14F Arca Central 1-2-1 Kinshi Sumida-ku Tokyo 130-0013 Japan
Tel: +81(0)3 6853 6688
Fax: +81(0)3 6853 6677
Toll Free Service Hotline: (86)4006 600588
Enquiry eMail: erp@ufida.co.jp
Website: www.ufida.co.jp

Add.: 10 Ubi Crescent #04-15 Ubi Techpark (Lobby B) Singapore 408564
Tel: (65)6842 4403
Fax: (65)64554200
Email: info@ufida.com.sg
Website: www.ufida.com.sg
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  Korea, South










Tel. 662-275-9533

Email. info@eninnovation.com


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UFIDA ERM Software Leaps to First Place in APEJ - China ERP Software
Industry Grows Up

BEIJING, May 17 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- According to a report published by IDC recently,
UFIDA was ranked as the NO.1 local ERM software vendor in the APEJ Region in 2005,
and the market share of its ERP software apparently surpassed that of Microsoft. Another
four Chinese software vendors were ranked among the first 20 ERM software vendors
within the region. This is the best achievement ERP software vendors in the region have
ever made and means China's ERP software industry is rising with the same rapid
development as China's economy and playing an increasingly important role in the region.

UFIDA surpassed international counterparts in 2002 and has remained the leading
software vendor in China since then. It achieved even better development in 2005, when
its main business income exceeded RMB1 billion, up 37.87%, and net profit increased by
42.33%. Chairman and President of UFIDA Wang Wenjing said: “UFIDA will strengthen
business with its partners, accelerate construction of the ERP industrial chain, further
improve the service network for users, popularize the successful ERP application pattern
stressing ‘standard, industry specific andcustomized' and increase our market coverage
and occupancy rate continuously. There is good reason to believe that UFIDA will achieve
greater development in 2006.”

The above data on ERM software in the APEJ Region comes from IDCAsia/Pacific
Semiannual Enterprise Application Tracker,2H2005. The report points out that the rapid
rise of Chinese ERP software companies is attributable to the rapid development in
application of ERP software by small and medium-sized enterprises in the Asia-Pacific
Region and popularization of information applications in China. IDC compiled the report
based on investigations made in Australia, India, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand,
China, Singapore and Thailand. The development of ERP software is closely connected
with the overall development of China's enterprises, and the rising demand for ERP
software with the development of China's economy, will inevitably give birth to one or many
world-class ERP software suppliers.

With the expansion of the market share of Chinese ERP software companies in the
Asia-Pacific Region, the issue of internationalization has attracted general attention and
UFIDA ERP software has been sold to many countries and places in Asia.

UFIDA Software Thailand Co., Ltd.
Successful E-Commerce Social Network with UFIDA ERP
UFIDA cooperates with EnterpriseSoft to participate
E-Commerce Solution with Photohut Group

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