UFIDA-NC introduction

NC Groupware is specifically designed for multi-entity organizations and group
companies that need to centralize management in order to quickly assess current
business status, such as financial status and workflow, within various branches and

Centralized management and collaborated business are the main system concepts
behind NC. International management standards, advanced technical architecture
and industrial solutions are its TOP 3 differentiators. Successful implementations in
more than 500 enterprises have proven that the management models of NC are very
suitable for multi-entity organizations in the current Internet age.

Employing J2EEas its technical architecture and B/S as its deployment model, NC is
a unique product that was developed based on platform-oriented and model-oriented
design methods, supporting dynamic enterprise mode ling and fast implementation.

Developed in 100% Java and EJB, NC can run on multiple databases, such as Oracle
from Oracle, DB2 from IBMand SQL Server from Microsoft, and multiple operating
systems, such as Windows, Unix/Linux, etc. In addition, NC has a multilingual user
interface, including English, Chinese, and soon including Japanese, Thai and more.


Centralized management, shared service
Combining internationally advanced management ideas and the management
experience of thousands of group companies, UFIDA Software Co., Ltd. Fully appreciates
the management challenges that group enterprises face and has introduced a group
enterprise management solution-UFIDA NC, with a core concept that can be described
as centralized management and shared service. By establishing a shared service center
and integrating enterprises’ values and core competence into the business
management information system of centralized management, it becomes a core support
system for accomplishing enterprise values.

Centralized management” – focusing on the entire group’s important resources and
forming a centralized management model.
The UFIDA NC Group Management Solution
assists group enterprises in achieving the centralization and sharing of information
resources throughout different levels of internal organizations and a highly efficient
operation of business processes. Using a model that centralizes all business data
enables group companies to promptly, accurately and effectively seize and control the
operation of the entire group company throughout various levels including business
processing, report and statement compilation and consolidation, business supervision,
group supervision and overall performance analysis.

Shared service” – integrating business advantages and fully utilizing the group’s
Utilizing the advantages of group companies, strengthening fund
management and financial services, cooperating with suppliers, channels, third-party
partners, markets, clients and the information, human resources and operational
processes of internal organizations, the solution enhances the efficiency and reduces
the cost of the entire supply chain, and enhances the overall space for product/service