UFIDA U8 Introduction

UFIDA-U8 Enterprise Application Suite is an integrated solution for small and
medium-sized enterprises, covering Enterprise Resources Planning, Human
Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management and Decision
Support System/ Business Intelligence. UFIDA-U8 can help enterprise customers
host business management from front and back ends smoothly.

Besides the rich functionality, the advanced productarchitecture supports on-demand
deployment and implementation for many industries and management levels.
At the same time, UFIDA understands that today'sorganizations are dynamically
configured and that business processes and roles change over time. In order to meet
this market requirement, UFIDA-U8 is based on a platform that enables the enterprise
to customize necessary features in-house.

The implementation process of UFIDA-U8 is shorter in duration and easier to execute
than other solutions in the market. Furthermore, UFIDA-U8 can better help an
enterprise establish integrated applications for clients and channel management,
marketing and sales, purchasing and production, cost and quality control, cash
flow and capital balance, information and efficiency, talent assessment and
collaboration, os well os strategy and mission fulfillment.

UFIDA-U8 is a proven product that 100%satisfies the statuary and accounting
regulations required by Chinese government; meanwhile UFIDA-U8 also supports
international requirements via imbedded functions and/or API's. With multilingual
interfaces, UFIDA-U8 can run on Microsoft SQL Server database and within an
enterprise's intra net as well as on the Internet.

of use
Aside from a short implementation period, u8 can also rapidly execute the application
of enterprise solutions without affecting daily business processing

Adaptability to changes in business requirements
Advocating the concept of “sincere cooperation with users and being users’ trustworthy
friends”, UFIDA genuinely provides to customers and provides efficient adaptability to
changes in enterprise business requirements.

Scalable for future expansion
Small and medium-size enterprises can efficiently implement the U8 system during
any stage their development. Based on their business requirements or their
development and vision, they can quickly develop and apply the system and the
solution more in depth.

service network
UFIDA has more then 5,000 employees, 60 branches in China and more than 600
partners. With subsidiaries in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, we provide
efficient local services to Asian clients.

Excellent integration with third party software
U8 provides tools such as EAI (enterprise application integration) to perform data
exchange between U8 and third-party software systems. A UAP customization
platform is also provided for clients to tailor their special needs.